Friday, September 1, 2017

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

To be an effective and long-lasting solution to missing teeth, dental implants are recommended to patients who meet certain criteria. The good news is that many patients qualify for this procedure, whether immediately or after pre-treatment from our team.

While our dentists determine if you are well suited for the procedure at your consultation, we have created this guide to help patients understand what contributes to predictable treatment and how they can become eligible for this procedure with our help.

Best Bodily Health Supports Implant Success

The following are highly important for dental implant placement and successful restoration of implants with prosthetics:

• Healthy gums
• Sufficient bone density
• Overall physical health

During your evaluation, our dentists collect information about medical health and current dental conditions to decide if you are ready for implants.  Patients who are heavy smokers should commit to quitting and those with medical conditions, like diabetes, should ensure they are managing their health to see best results with implants.

Dental health and whole-body wellness are closely connected, which is why patients who are mindful of their varying medical needs see the best possible outcomes with these permanent teeth replacements.

How to Become a Good Candidate for Implant Treatment

If our dentists determine that soft tissue health and bone density require improvements before dental placement surgery, pre-treatments can be provided to bolster your health.  In cases of periodontitis, gum disease procedures are performed to create the necessary support and aesthetic for a restored smile.

If bone resorption has affected your jaw, bone grafting may be necessary to ensure jaw structure will allow the implant to bond with surrounding tissue. Dental implants placed into an area with dense, healthy bone are highly likely to successfully integrate and remain stable for a lifetime. 
These pretreatments are common and help our dentists create the most predictable results possible for patients with missing or failing teeth.

Ask our Implant Dentists if You Qualify!

There are plenty of ways to ensure you get the treatment you need with implants. Our dentists work side-by-side with patients to improve their oral health standing and promote lasting results with implant dentistry. Contact Twelve Bridges Dental to learn more about what makes an excellent candidate for implants and how you can improve your dental health to qualify for this procedure.


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